Sunday, November 6, 2011

Awesome Wal-Mart Goodies! [Pictures]

I'm not going to make this a full-blown post, I just wanted to share my great Wal-Mart finds from this morning! Would you believe it if I told you I got everything for $2.66 without coupons?! That's my kind of trip. Now, let me be clear, this was not a massive haul, I got three things. But saving money is fun, no matter the amount! Now, onto the goods!

I purchased granola bars (off-brand nutri-grain type), brach's candy corn and little girl's black tights. The tights were the kicker for me. Black, plain tights for halloween, in organge packaging serve the same purpose of black, plain tights for Christmas. So rather than paying $2.97 for a pair a few weeks from now (ack, is Christmas really that close??) I paid $.61 for those babies! Whoo-hoo! With tax that made them $.66, if they had had more in Baby K's size, I'd have swooped on those as well!

Have a great rest of you day!


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  1. nice! now is the time to buy halloween goods. I bought my dog a cute skull sweater for $1 at petco :)