Sunday, November 13, 2011

Birthday Wish List [Pictures]

So in true blogging tradition, I see it somewhere else, I post it as my own! Thank you Katie for the Birthday Wish list idea (yea December babies!). I just have a quick picture list to share, all of which is related to crafting *blushes*. What I truly, truly want is a big ol' block of rubber for stamp making! I need to start working on a Z monogram for Dominic and my's wedding (<2 years and counting to the big day!)

Enough chit-chat, let's get to the goods!

1.) Acrylic Brush set. I have brushes, but just a couple flat brushes and one fan brush. Would be nice to expirement with a bunch of different ones!
2. Paints! These are Speedball's "Cool Colors". With names like Phthalo Green, Quinacridone Violet and Hookers Green, how could you not want this set?
3. Of course I want Blocks! These are rubber blocks (think huge erasers) that you carve into block or screen-printing stamps. They are completly customizeable and I love, love making these! Thank you ART-150 for showing me this incredibly fun and easy art!
I know it's a short list, but that's mainly because there is nothing that I hugely want! I mean these three things and an iPhone and I'm set ;) Any birthday or Christmas items you're wishing for this year?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Awesome Wal-Mart Goodies! [Pictures]

I'm not going to make this a full-blown post, I just wanted to share my great Wal-Mart finds from this morning! Would you believe it if I told you I got everything for $2.66 without coupons?! That's my kind of trip. Now, let me be clear, this was not a massive haul, I got three things. But saving money is fun, no matter the amount! Now, onto the goods!

I purchased granola bars (off-brand nutri-grain type), brach's candy corn and little girl's black tights. The tights were the kicker for me. Black, plain tights for halloween, in organge packaging serve the same purpose of black, plain tights for Christmas. So rather than paying $2.97 for a pair a few weeks from now (ack, is Christmas really that close??) I paid $.61 for those babies! Whoo-hoo! With tax that made them $.66, if they had had more in Baby K's size, I'd have swooped on those as well!

Have a great rest of you day!


As Promised - Apple Cider & Apple Cups [Recipe/Tutorial] [Picture]

It's finaly feeling a little cooler here in sunny SoCal so I decided it was the perfect time to hunt for a cider recipe to use up all of my apples (see previous post here). Well let me tell you something about apple cider, it takes a whole lot of apples! And while I'm all for trying things homemade, natural and organic (at least once), there is no way I was going to spend the moohla on 36 apples for 1 gallon of apple cider! [Source] Yes, you read that right, and yes, that's a ton of apples. So instead, I went the store-bought route. Cheaper, easier, and if I serve them out of cute cups it makes up for it, right? Anyway, a picture of our evening, let the ooh's and ahh's ensue! (Also, please forgive that I only have one photo. I can't find my camera anywhere!! AHHH!)

To make these sweet little apple cups I used an apple, a paring knife and a hard plastic measuring spoon - a melon baller would have worked great though! I cut just to the bottom of the stem, all the way across the apple (horizontally). Then, using your instrument of choice, carve out most of the apple and seeds and such. Then, fill with your drink of choice! (Will hold between 2 and 4 ounces of liquid, depending on the apple). I made two cups of apple cider and the three of us drank 3 or so cupfuls each before eating our cups :)

If you make these, please share with me in the comments section! Or if this leads to any other fun Fall ideas, let me know!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some Days // Fall Pinboard [Pictures]

Some days I *wish* California wasn't so stinking hot! What is this?? If it weren't for pumpkin remnants alongside the road and a bag of candy at my house, you'd think it was 4th of July and not Halloween we had just celebrated! Ok, ok, maybe it's not that hot, but seriously, I'm ready for some fall weather! And with Thanksgiving on the horizon, I thought now would be as good a time as any to share my fall/harvest themed pins! If you don't know what a pin is, well please, let me introduce you!

This is pinterest. Pinterest is a great site that KatieBee put me on to, and I love it! It's full of fun crafts, inspiration, clothing, food....basically everything! I could have spent hours on there getting all of my fun and crafty ideas :) So now, I share some with you!

Here is a link to my Fall pinboard, but I wanted to also share a couple pictures in the blog. (The captions below the pictures include links to the original sites, not to pinterest).

K keeps telling us about how "all the leaves fall down" and "all the leaves change color, some are red, and orange and yellow and black!"
This type of craft makes me *wish* I had my own place! I love home-y, homemade and can't wait until I have a place of my own to decorate! Plus, I love wreaths!
How good do these look? Maybe I'll make some this week (and report back, of course) since I asked my mom to buy so many apples! (on accident :P) Now I just need a good apple cider recipe - any ideas??

I hope I've inspired you all to find your inner-autumn, no matter what the weather's like outside! I'd love to see what you've pinned for the fall (or for anything else!) please share your pins if you have them, or make some if you don't!